Guidelines for Architectural Photography

Unlike other firms our fees are not based on the client's scope of usage. We retain the copyright of the images and the client is granted an exclusive license to use the images for any and all marketing purposes . The client cannot assign, sell, share or allow any other individuals or firms utilize the images, including but not limited to any individuals or firms that participated in the photography project.

The fees are based on the scope of the project, the number of images required in the amount of time needed to create and process the images. It is our practice to quote a fee after we meet the client, review the prints and plans of the project and complete a walk-through of the project with the client. When possible, we like to aid the client in developing a collaboration with other professionals that participated in the project to arrange a fee sharing arrangement. However this arrangement must be finalized before the execution of the contract with the client. Any participants that desire images after the contract is signed will be required to deal with us directly in regard to fees. We retain the copyright in under such we have the exclusive right to sell images to third parties.


Before a tentative shooting date can be set we need an executed release from the titled owner(s) to Great Island Photography, LLC. Great Island Photography, LLC is fully insured and will issue an insurance certificate to your firm and the title owner if requested. If any individuals are to be in the images release is also required from such individuals.

Property preparation

The property should be cleared of all construction debris. The landscaping should be completed and manicured. The interior spaces should be cleaned and the windows washed . All light fixtures should have working bulbs. We like to have access to waterspouts and hoses for wetting down sidewalks and driveways when possible . Driveways should be swept clean.

Day of shooting

We are prepared to work around inclement weather and always leave time to reschedule. However if your time frame and deadlines require otherwise we are prepared to shoot interiors in any weather . We prefer to utilize the best possible light and we are flexible in rescheduling. Depending on the season and the number of shots required by the client we usually arrive on the job 90 minutes after sunrise and an hour after sunset. If the client contracts for a half-day shoot we let the light dictate our starting time.